What they said about us


What's Your Favorite Dish?

My favorite dishes on the menu are the BLT sandwich and the Trifle. The Chicken Itza is also great.

The Menu del dia is really nice, paricularly on thursdays with the arrachera.

Why are you  coming back?

Because the quality of the food is really great, I am always satisfied, as are all my friends and colleagues I bring here.

The Staff is always giving their best to make you feel comfortable.

Any further comments?

Keep it that way!!

Naan is in the House

Since the beginning of 2016 the Brit Majal has been offering Naan bread with every Indian dish on our menu.

Naan is a typical Indian bread and an important part of Indian culture.

It's a, oven-baked flatbread from West, central and South Indian cuisines.